The Toxic Manager

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The Toxic Manager
Many of us have read books and sat through lectures only to be left thinking "what have I really learnt from this experience and how can I apply this to improve my career?
This book offers useful advice direct from the coal-face and deals with the difficult situations which all managers will experience from time to time.
It is designed to help you navigate a course that will lead to a successful career in management.
It’s a term you perhaps may not have heard before. But even if you don’t know what ‘Toxic Manager’ means, most people have worked for someone who fits this description.

A Toxic Manager is a boss who rules the workplace through fear and believes that staff can be motivated by keeping them terrified of him or her at all times.

I’ve worked for more than a few Toxic Managers in my time. I promised myself that when I attained a management position, I would find a more positive way to manage people. And I have.